Back ‘home’

Well, I’m back in the UK!  Not ‘home’ as such as I want to move from the area I left amd lived in most of my life.   I’d outgrown it professionalyly and maybe personally too, before I left, hence selling my house, which prompted – or allowed for – my travel year.


Flying in to Manchester

So what now?  Right now I am still re-acclimatising!  Not the weather, as that is warm and sinny, for the five days I’ve been back!  But the culture, the town, the family and friends I am catching up with, business social media updates and business re-connnections; plus re-starting UK things like lense supplies, phones, website updates, places to stay until I settle, as well as ongoing travel blog posts and Clear Mind!   My head is still in travel mode, freedom to look and learn, my heart still in Peru! ????

My last stay was Ibiza, a holiday with my girls I hadn’t seen in 10 months!  Just prionto that, I travelled Madrid, Valencia, Murcia and La Union on my way to them, as that was my way back on my original ticket.   I also like Spain a lot!!  Very pretty, old buildings with stunning architecture, stylish people and sunshine!  It’s a thought for the future….

image image image

Valencia, Ibiza and Spanish sunset from the boat party on the last evening

For now my priority is settling somewhere new for a while, building my business in new directions and enjoying life back in the UK.   Step by managable step, I am building the life I want – as with all goals, even one small step each day gets you there eventually…


Ibiza Town was old, lovely and very pretty