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Feel the Part

Your image matters.   Feelings too, so getting them matched up matters too! Aspects of image to consider -  create Smart is good but perhaps not always appropriate?  Well, it has to be at least a certain level of SMART to pass muster (a forces term relating to being checked for appearance and performance ready in battle and battalion image- reliable, trustworthy, keen and attention to detail, prepared and ready for

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What turns you on?!

You know those things that motivate you to action, that excite and thrill you, that you can't wait to get going on?  THOSE things!  In your life, your career or business, you every day moments at home or at work! Well, what are they? When are they, when do they happen for you? Those are the signposts for where you should be heading to be happy and living with purpose

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Relationship Coaching – home or work or more?

What does Relationship Coaching offer and how does that work...   Proactive steps, realisation of issues and recognition of how to resolve and improve understanding of each point of view. at home at work socially The same process, different people, different reasons, same outcome - to be happy together, to be appreciated, to be valued and respected, loved and cherished for who you are - and they are too. The

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