Are you Limiting your Potential?

What is a limiting belief that can hold you back from exploring/achieving your potential?

Beliefs are created by experiences from childhood onwards, they are built and reinforced from negative experiences or perceptions that your mind begins to believe as universal truths – about yourself, about life, about your environment and the people around you.

Therefore, your mind protects you (body, emotions, soul) from ‘making those mistakes again, but it also creates very strong walls – barriers to even trying again, or taking a new route or seeing another option or perspective – even as you grow older and wiser!

Examples are “I’m not good enough/as good as …” or “If I do this and this then …” which may or may not be true!   It might be “No one cares/loves me/likes me because …” or “That or those will make me feel happy …”.

There are many, many more limiting beliefs and each will you very own, and of your own making even if unconsciously building on experiences you’ve had…as a child, at school, family roles and mistakes, work comments, struggles, uncertainty…

The commonality amongst them is they relate to YOU NEGATIVELY and they are CREATED BY YOUR MIND.

How to put a stop to them?  Remind yourself of the good things about you, the experiences and situations where that belief hasn’t been or isn’t true for you now, anymore!

I had one.  Or two … or more!  I believed I couldn’t cook because at 12 years old, doing homework, I burned the sprouts I was asked to put on for tea!  Another is I will get lost – well, this is true but it works for me now, as I discover new places, I am unafraid to get lost as I find my way back home and this helped enormously on my world wide travel!  I can also find my way places now, if I make the right effort to plan and then stop if I need to re-adjust where a road is blocked etc.  

Simple you might think.  And amazingly, that is what limiting beliefs often alter – the simple, obvious options you could change ..if you only realise the obstructions created already around them!

What are you limiting beliefs?  One major one, many little ones, what is it?  These ideas might also be implanted for us, in us, by others who are ‘wiser’ than us – parents, teachers, older siblings, cool friends and the media.   But we have the power to change them back, to change them up, to change our mind!

Change your mind, change your life!   Our mind is made up of the conscious and unconscious aspects and a regulator (superego, id and ego in Freudian terms, chimp brain relates to id and unconscious mind that is the strongest, the main drive we have…)

It chooses routes for our life to follow, it decides if something is important enough to manage or change, and it dictates from a ‘want/need’ position as to whether we act on thoughts and feelings or not!   It is powerful!   And we need to take that power and wield it care-fully for our Self!  Not allow it to manage us but learn how to manage it – or ID!

Coaching allows us to do just that.  To learn how it works so we can implant new ideas, new controls that meet our CURRENT NEEDS better, now we are older and wiser, more experienced and with options.   We need, now, to take the rudder and steer our sails into the wind to move forward safely and steadily, not uncertainly at a whim!