Ambivalent about Ambition

What inspires you? What ‘turns you on’?

Do you have that – in your career perhaps, or you homelife or indeed your general lifestyle?

Inspiration + Passion = Motivation

What makes for people to try harder, to want to succeed and to succeed.  Yes, reach your plateaus and rest a while; then look up and set your shoulder back and set off again, up higher and higher.   It may seem like the peak keeps moving out of reach, but one day you will get there.  When you are fulfilled, when you have achieved, when your inspiration and motivation have done their job – when you have succeeded!

Having a passion does matter.

Napoleon Hill even refers to sexual tension being a driver in his book “Think and Grow Rich” (sex transmutation – “When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.” says Napoleon Hill.  It is simply ‘passion’ – for something, anything!

(NB: ‘men’ does not mean just men – or at least not these days if it did when it was written-  it just means people because as we know, women are far more sensuous, sensitive and passionate that men should the stereotyping be right; hence women would therefore be more creative and therefore more likely to succeed as they harness passion quite regularly!  A women scorned, a female defending her family, women nurturing and guiding are just some of those stereotypical expectations…)

Sexual drive is our strongest drive and it is suggested that it can be redirected… into creative expression in business or in art or skill perhaps, by withholding the release perhaps.  But simply put –you need passion as your driver to achieve and succeed.

Being a sensuous being – feeling, seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, sensing – are all the things we can do to be more sensuous.   We each have stronger preferences for some than others, for how we communicate and understand (visual, auditory or kinaesthetic which is touch related).

The more tools you can develop the better it is for you and your creativity.  Creativity isn’t always about art and crafting!  It is about how you approach a situation or a person e.g. sexual drive means you will find creative ways to get someone’s attention; in business it is how to market yourself to stand out from the crowd; at home it is about making relationships work effectively with the ties and the various needs of the individuals involved!

Passion = creativity; you will do anything to achieve what you want.

Someone recently said to me “I can do lots of things and make it work” but what he meant was to ‘accept it at the level that clearly isn’t satisfactory to me’!   He didn’t say …

“I will make it work because I know it needs to  happen and make a difference …!”

“I will make every effort to achieve my goal/dream/objective because it’s important to me – so important I can’t fail!”

What was missing was true passion – belief, faith, need, want, desire, motivation, inspiration are some of the things that make people do what they do and do it well!  Sometimes better than everyone else around them.  They are the inspirations.

The ones that achieve are the ones with motivation, with drive.  They usually know what drives them and work constantly with that drive to achieve what they really want.  Not need. But want.

Need to’s mean you will do what you have to for that; should do’s are things you have to do for duty’s sake.

Want to’s mean you go the extra mile – for you, your dream, your achievement, your fulfilment.

What makes you go the extra mile? Wake up in the morning raring to get going? Work harder and longer for you, for others, for everyone?