All Change!

Well, as you can see I am changing my branding.   This may still be in development but it’s coming together again.

Why the change?  A new direction and more focus on coaching now as that is where my heart lies.

Why this colour? Since my return to the UK after travelling I like bright colours!   Everything is colourful, bright and beautiful so likewise my website and branding.  I like the orange and black contrast.   And almost a year to the date I left the UK too!


The inspiration for this was, in fact, a holiday photograph of this orange butterfly that eventually landed on my arm at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia!   At the time, I was telling my story of how the butterfly represents my business and why (see below for a reminder) to a travel buddy I was with, Bex from Australia.   I later went to see her when I was there in North Australia too which was lovely.

We saw this beautiful creature skipping around in a quiet part of the temple, and two other women there when it landed on one, then the other!   I was very jealous.  It is supposed to be lucky if a butterfly lands on you!   As we went over to look closely at it and take pictures, it flew on to Bekki’s arm too!   Well, I was very upset as it just wouldn’t come to me.    It was hot, and we sat as I explained why it was so important for it to land on me – it represents my business, and was lucky.   Then, as we sat quietly chatting it landed on my blue bag, then pottered around again and eventually landed on my arm!  I was ecstatic …

IMG_1691The butterfly story is twofold – not only does it represent change and growth, and various spiritual connotations, but also relates to me when I was training to be a counsellor.  I  was taking counselling  as part of the course, for experience as a client, and at that point said I felt like I was ‘like a brown moth’, whilst my counsellor (who I later worked alongside as part of their business) saw me as” a colourful butterfly!”  So it’s very relevant to me and my business.

And so, as I am looking for a new branding idea, and sorting my pictures, I opened this one up and the idea jumped so I tried it and I like it!  I hope you do, too!