AIM High! for Motivation – motivation to live your dreams!

Clear Mind Personal Development Coaching

AIM High! for motivation is a free public event to help people like you to focus on and find inspiration to go for what they want – to live a life they love!

To help you to live a life you love and do work you love to do!  Living your life on purpose, with purpose is the AIM!

Helping professional people to remove their barriers so they can live their dreams!

Helping businesses to resolve problems and build teams to make their sales dreams come true too!

What about You?

Taking your Aspirations

  • What do you want to do with your Self, with your life?
  • Are you happy at work and if not why not? If so, what else needs to change for you?

Adding some Inspiration

I lived my life long dream of travelling round the world alone, backpacking in my 50s because I ‘couldn’t’ do it earlier!  If I can do it, so can you!   We can do whatever we choose to if we have the desire and passion, the drive to try for it – and make it happen!  Fun stories, great pictures, inspiring action plan to achieve your dreams too!

Finding your Motivation

The motivators that drive you to try and achieve, that push you forward day after day – what are they?  Where do they come from? How can you harness the motivation to make your life the one you love to live?

I believe people – everyone – has power to make things happen, to change their lives for the better if you learn how to make the ‘Law of Attraction’ work for you – because you are The Secret!

“If you aim for the moon and don’t quite make, it at least you’ll fall amongst the stars!”

This is the quote I found that reinforced my event title, born from my travels and my desire to change my business and up the ante of it when I got back!

What I didn’t count on was the downtime of mind and body I found on my return to the UK after a year away, doing my own thing – getting back to basics and ‘finding myself’ again!

Using this life-long dream to solo backpack around the world (well, part of it) inspired lots of people I met on my trip and motivated many to do a similar trip, visit places more widely than before and to leave the UK to find the life they wanted too!

I can help you find what stimulates and fulfils you, what drives you with passion an purpose, to find reserves of resilience and challenge deep inside that you didn’t even know you had – and certainly didn’t believe you had it in yourself perhaps!

Well, I know you have, as I knew I had inside me!  A yearning to see things that made me say “Wow!” every day (and I got it!), meet people and experience new cultures and mind-set than I had been used to (and it got it!), and to reinforce my lost belief in people and their power over their environment, over their lives and over their options and decisions that I had come to learn for myself in life.   And reinforce that people are generally lovely and positive, helpful and friendly, open and willing to connect and learn together!

I want to connect and learn with you, share my experience and my insights and inspire yours to come out and share them too!

Julie Crowley is a Personal Development Coach and NLP Practitioner, with Counselling and business management background too.  Working with professional people to help them resolve problems, build their dreams and with companies who want to resolve their problems and build their teams!  People can live life on purpose, with purpose for happiness!