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What is Personal Development? 

It is an holistic life development process – improving and enhancing what you have/who you are, and taking you to the next level in life and in business or career.  It’s about learning new skills – tool and techniques to make appropriate changes in your mind-set which in turn influence your feelings and behaviours.  When you gain personal insights  you can make effective choices for your future; when you better understand yourself – your talents, tendencies, preferences, your personal values and beliefs –  you can make effective decisions that take you forward and help you to create and live a life you want to live, more easily!

What will Coaching do for me?

Through discussion and reflection on where you want to get to – the lifestyle you want to create, the career you want to develop and relationships you want in your life and become the person you want to be, together we

will complete practical exercises, discuss the outcomes and work on removing barriers to your success, both emotional and practical.   We will be recording your progress in achieving the goals you set with me, and at times I will challenge your current thinking which will help you to grow, learn and develop new understanding, develop your personal power to make choices to your own advantage, and make informed, appropriate decisions for yourself. The techniques, insights, perspectives and ideas you gain will provide you with life-long tools for success.  You can make things happen!

How will I work with Clear Mind?

Personal reflection and looking deeper into yourself, your beliefs and feelings, together we will resolve problems and help you find clarity on the goals you want to set, on the realist and achievable steps you can take to your dreams – really!  Be clear on your direction, your targets and feel motivated, supported and inspired to develop yourself and your life into something more than you once believed possible!  Live your life on purpose, live your life with purpose and direction.

How will Coaching be delivered? 

With an integrative approach using Psychology, Counselling and Coaching and NLP techniques that will help you to meet your needs and utilise your natural preferences and tendencies effectively and easily.  Discussion will centre on you, where you are in your emotions, your mind-set and your milestones for the goals you’ve set yourself, and work from there.  We may use NLP techniques, I can share Pshcology theory to help you understand yourself and others behaviours and beliefs, there will be exercises in session and as ‘homework’ to bring back or send to me.  We will have face to face meetings and, if required, online Skype between as well as some e-mail and phone contact *There may be some online resources and workshops you can access too, other appropriate opportunities I can offer you.

“The only journey is within” 

It isn’t magic but it is very powerful – the results prove that dreams really do come true!

Make the Law of Attraction work for you – because you ARE The Secret!

How long will I have to commit to the coaching process?

Together we can design your own package of coaching to meet your needs comprising face to face meetings, perhaps Skype calls and regular e-mail and phone contact including if you are out of the area, contracting.  Workshops will be available and online resources to access as part of your package. We will agree this schedule at our first meeting.

How much will it cost?

Less than you regular annual make-overs but for a lifetime of benefits!  As much as you choose to pay – your package will be unique to you and your schedule agreed together to meet your needs and convenience.   You can choose the frequency of meetings, the method of connection and the pace that you wish to take on your journey to success in your business!