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I came into coaching after my divorce, now  a single parent ‘finding myself’ again and managing my life on my own terms.   I decided that as I love to learn, I would go into adult education courses and work from there.  I loved it!  I spent the years since, in fact, continuing my development both personally and professionally. Learning is a lifetime experience we naturally undertake – always aiming higher and higher!

This led me through practical ICT courses to improve skills, to Psychology which had always been an interest as I liked understanding people more.  From there I discovered Personal Counselling through a course colleague and completed that training, finding my ‘niche’ after all.  (I had, on leaving school, been told I was too sensitive for social work so the interest in helping people and social responsibility has always been there!)

My initial career was supporting corporate leadership teams, and helping them to achieve their goals and do their best work, using my skills, knowledge and natural organisation to achieve the company goals.   I loved that work and supporting people, then over time in managing my own teams I helped develop individuals to explore and achieve their potential;  I moved up the ladder, expanding my experience and skills, and eventually trained in Life Coaching at a time when my own training outside work coincided with coaching development training and experience in work, as part of the leadership course I was undertaking as I took up promotions and career developments year on year.

I didn’t come into coaching from corporate leadership as many have, but from working up the ladder to move into creating and running my own private coaching practice now, where I want to help others realise their career opportunities now too.  I didn’t set out to do this and had I done, may have achieved this faster – hence now I can share insights and experience to help you to do just that!  Take a faster, more direct route to work and a life you want to live!

Now also a qualified NLP Practitioner, too, I have discovered how to harness and develop my ‘personal power’, invoke the ‘Law of Attraction’ and change my mind to change my life!   Now, I want to share that with you too and help you achieve your dreams!

“Knowledge is Power” – and to ‘Know thyself’, as Socrates suggests, unfolds personal tools, techniques, insights and outlooks, new perspectives that will enhance your life experience, increase opportunities and help you to achieve your life and career goals to live a life you want to live and love the work you do!

I’ve found it’s never too late to try, to change, and to achieve – to learn something new every day!  I can help you to move into your stride earlier, to find your place – even create your place- in the world you want to live in.

I lived a life-long dream to travel the work, solo backpacking for a year in 2015-16, changed my lifestyle and outlook, look and feel better than I have for years, and feel fulfilled mind, body and soul!  I want that for you too!

Explore your dream.  Create the life you want.  Live a life you love and love the work you do, always!

That is what life is about – Self-Actualisation* at your peak performance personally and professionally – living life on purpose!  Enjoy it. Balance it. Live every day as if it’s your last …  Be Happy!

*Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


“The only Journey is within” Ranier Maria Riike