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“Julie Crowley, Personal Development Career Coach, will help you to explore and develop greater self-awareness for greater personal power and improve performance in all areas of your life.  From building confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness that get needs met to enhancing communication skills and insights that improve relationships using emotional intelligence – avoiding conflicts or mending them.  With NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and personal counselling behind her too there is a wealth of opportunity to influence people’s responses and how you yourself can positively influence your feelings and change behaviours as a manager.

Changing Minds, Changing Lives – to live your life on purpose, with purpose

“Removing barriers, building Dreams – Resolving Problems, Building Teams”


Julie started Clear Counselling in 2005 as a Personal Counsellor, following a period of personal and professional development following her divorce, then a single mother of two school age daughters.  Adding Life Coaching in 2006, and changing the name to Clear Mind, when she discovered how it helped her to change her mind, her life and her outlook and opportunities to live a life of her choice.

Now, using previous skills and experience, Julie has develop effective support services that will help you to explore and achieve your potential, create the life you want to live, and use the resources you have and can build in future too.  To be happy, confident and fulfilled personally and professionally.

Julie hadn’t  realised the various options and opportunities that were available to her and everyone as a young adult, and since then life and work experience, along with counselling insights and coaching techniques, she has found the solutions, and a passion to share these gifts with others!   Having found greater influence and personal power – and wants to help you to do the same and create a life you love!

“I have found mentors and experiences that allowed me to make choices I never dreamed I would, or could.  I’ve worked with key people I admire and respect, learned valuable lessons along the way through training and mistakes, and I recently lived a life long dream – so I know that can be done!  I understand how the law of attraction works because you are the secret, and you too can learn how to use who you are, with effective coaching tools and techniques, to become who you are meant to be, and create the lifestyle you want – for a lifetime of benefits!  Along with counselling skills and a genuine desire to help people be their best, I continue to develop Clear Mind year on year” Julie 2017


“The only Journey is within” Ranier Maria Riike

If you can dream it, you can create it 


The Butterfly logo represents the change from the slow-moving caterpillar, stuck in the same place on a tree, to a beautiful butterfly able to fly and explore the world!  The ripples indicate the influence everyone can make when they change, grow and learn - because it influences those around them too!
Making improvement and providing benefits for society as well as ourselves! 
And they look like the target we aim for when we set our goals for a better personal future ... 

Do you know where you’re heading?

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