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I listened to someone on leaving school who dismissed my career dreams; hid from job roles I thought I couldn’t manage; took a roundabout route to get to my fulfilling career as a Life Coach and struggled to balance work, family and life at times. I’ve missed out on jobs because I felt uncertain about myself and my abilities to fulfil roles and responsibilities. I trained at work and further education courses leading me to a career change and learned how to make life happen for me. I have taken calculated risks, lived my dreams and continue to create a life I want to live …and want you to do the same!  

Now, a qualified life coach, personal counsellor and NLP Practitioner, with business experience in various sectors from a multi-national company to self-employed private practice, I have found a work-life balance myself and achieved goals I once considered dreams.

I have learned how ongoing personal & professional development can benefit an individual and help them to explore their potential, fulfil their needs and develop greater self-awareness that enhances their ‘personal power’. From this they are able to create optimum circumstances to grow, thrive and achieve. I encourage and support other people to do this and generate happiness whilst working steadily towards their goals.

“Knowledge is Power” and to ‘Know thyself’, as Socrates suggests, unfolds personal tools, techniques, insights and outlooks, new perspectives that will enhance your life experience, increase opportunities and help you to achieve your life and career goals – to live a life you want to live and love the work you do.

I’ve found it’s never too late to try, to change, and to learn something new – and I seek to pass on what I have learned and experienced to benefit other people, too. I look to create the very best, helpful and advantageous environment to meet my client’s needs, for friends and family and my own, that will help us grow and succeed today – and every day.


 “The only journey is the journey within” Rainer Maria Rilke

I undertook training in areas that interested me that developed in to my own private coaching practice, integrating Psychology, Counselling, Coaching, Business Studies and NLP to support people to be the best they can be.

Inspired into counselling practice many years ago by two local women in the same line, then coaching through a distant mentor and book writer, who I recently got the chance to work with, such things changed my life and direction.

I lived a life-long dream to travel the work, solo backpacking for a year in 2015-16, changed my lifestyle and outlook, look and feel better than I have for years, and feel fulfilled mind, body and soul – at least for a while!


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I continue to develop my business services in areas that will help other to enhance their lives with personal and professional development in their own unique way – recognising and asserting their own personal needs, develop their ‘personal power’ over their circumstances and future options and choices that will continue to benefit them – living a life you want to live and loving the work you do!


For a better personal future …and a lifetime of benefits