One year ago today I was living my dream!


My photo of a huge condor flying past Larcomar, Lima, Peru

ONE YEAR AGO today, I was setting off on my travel year!   I was actually going to live my dream of 30+ years, and backpack solo around a chunk of this big, wide world we live in!

I knew one day I would go, but not when, or how as nothing in my future finances then suggested I could – yet I knew in my heart and soul that ‘one day’ it would happen.  Everything aligned, albeit not seemingly perfect or good, but I recognised the moment and was able to jump at this once and only opportunity!  Thanks to life coaching that changed my life before, here was further proof of it’s effectiveness!

One lifeMy last process had been, after probably ‘subconsciously’ planning it when my youngest was leaving for uni, and then deciding, when she didn’t stay, that I couldn’t let go of my dream now – I set about creating my ‘vision board’.  Or in this case, a vision book on Publisher!  I collected lots of quotes, memes, pictures of stunning places, and put them together in a book.   I currently cannot access that book as I still can’t find my external hard-drive in my packed away goodies!

But I know what it was like, and still see some of the memes around.  Now, though, I have actually SEEN the places in the pictures – or something like these paradise destinations.  I no longer think the pictures have been photo-shopped as I have seen the amazing colours for myself, felt the warmth of the sunshine (or cold of the glaciers!) for myself, and felt the sand or gravel beneath my feet!

Yes, it was awesome!  Yes, it fulfilled me more than I expected – when I came back after 10 months my head, heart and soul were full of wonders I’d seen, experiences I’d had and people I’d met!

IMG_0929         IMG_8152

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam and Machu Pichuu, Peru

It was better than I could have imagined …. but not more than I dreamed! J

My current dream is developing my business in the direction I want to, which was the plan on returning to the UK (which although I looked, I probably expected to do – at least for now..).

I will soon enough begin a new list of places to visit, a new vision book of where and maybe now, when I can do this.  Not too long this time in waiting to go, but making this happen!  I have costings, experience and clearer ideas of what’s involved, my own limitations and issues, and choices.   I have contacts around the world, too, and my one mainstay from a year ago today – the entrepreneur I sat and chatted to for four hours who, along with the film and the book I was reading, ended with “Nothing is impossible.  Anything is possible”.  Well, that is one thing I’ve proved for myself – and next, the business, then who knows what and where?!


Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia at sunrise

Life is exciting once more ….