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Dream it – Create it – Live it

"When Butterfly comes into your life look for colour and joy. Look to make changes when opportunities present themselves. Transformation is inevitable... Butterfly will teach you that growth and change does not have to be traumatic" Ted Andrews, Animal Speak.

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Live your Dreams

If you believe you can have what you dream about, you can - you need to have passion and desire make the effort to make it happen.

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Career Coaching

Find your direction and purpose, develop the right environment and develop purpose and performance in the workplace

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Coaching for Business

Managing people is a crucial part of managing your business, from your employees to stakeholders and customers. Take care of them and they will support you and your organisation!

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Retirement Coaching

There is more to retirement planning than just the financial considerations - finding purpose and activities, new relationship dynamics and more time for fun and relaxation

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Explore your Options

Life Coaching helps you to make the most of your options and opportunities with informed choices & effective, positive decision-making to enhance your future plans.

New Perspectives

Self-reflection and feedback from other people gives you new perspectives - a chance to make choices and changes if you want, for more effective personal performance

Mindfully Enjoy Life

Sometimes, life gets so busy and complicated we forget to slow down and look around us - look upward and outward, check your progress and direction to stay on track to your dreams and goals!

Climb your Mountain

Maslow's Hierarchy of Need is the 'mountain' human beings aspire to climb, from basic survival needs, exploring our potential up to the peak experiences of 'self-actualisation' at the top ...

Coaching for Business & Career

Business Coaching Coaching within a business your own or manage in relates to how you manage and develop your business and the…

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Life Coaching

Be the leader in your life! Live your dream life!  Live the Life you want to Live   Develop effective and well-formed …

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Welcome to Clear Mind

Welcome to peace of mind, future plans and new opportunities.

  • Therapeutic Coaching/Counselling will help you reduce anxieties & remove barriers holding you back from happiness
  • Life & Career Coaching will give new options & opportunities with more informed choices to enhance your life

Understanding your natural responses to your experiences and how you can better manage them to make positive, helpful changes to reduce anxieties, clarify goals and find your step by step approach to achieve the life you want to live.  Harness your ‘personal power’ to develop a positive environment, be ready to take opportunities and create the life you want to live.

It’s never too late to change, try something new and go for new goals.  As human beings we naturally strive to become our ‘best selves’, explore and achieve our personal potential.  Make informed choices based on relevant values and beliefs, change your thoughts, feeling or behaviour to impact the other two and understand how and why this works!  You can thrive not just survive!