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Live a life you love to live

REMOVING BARRIERS, BUILDING DREAMS Personal Development brings Happiness when needs are met and you know who you are. Remember Life is Made of Moments

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Love the work you do

RESOLVING PROBLEMS, BUILDING TEAMS Career & Business Confidence means influence, emotional intelligence in happy, productive teams

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Find your Purpose

REMOVING BARRIERS, BUILDING DREAMS - If you don't have a dream, you don't have a purpose but when you have then nothing will stop you achieving it!

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Personal Development for Life

REMOVING BARRIERS, BUILDING DREAMS Personal Development goes hand in hand with Self Awareness for a clear direction and purpose in your life and choices

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Business Management

Manage your business with clear purpose and direction: Business Management – Tools & Techniques Business Environments Business Planning & Progression workshops …

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Personal Development

Personal Development is about knowing yourself – greater self-awareness is more personal power and influence, more comfort and control over your…

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Relationships & Communication

You have relationships in all areas of your life, for different reasons. Some chosen, others imposed, maybe some just tolerated. At…

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Welcome to CLEAR MIND

Changing Minds, Changing Lives


"When butterfly comes into your life, look for colour and joy.  Look to make changes when opportunities present themselves. Transformation is inevitable.  Butterfly will teach you that growth and change do not have to be traumatic" 
Ted Andrews, Animal Speak



Personal Development is learning, understanding and growing – developing your personal power and opportunities, finding tools and techniques that enhance and improve your skill and natural tendencies.    The benefits of self-awareness is key to personal and professional development – to managing your lifestyle, choices and career path so that you can make informed choices and more effective decisions about your future options – be ready to take the opportunities that come your way!

Manage your business efficiently and effectively, from planning and focus to managing people and procedures with emotional intelligence, mind management tips and tools, self-awareness and understanding of how to influence and encourage the people around you – your colleagues, your customers, providers and network contacts or stakeholders. People are at the heart of any and every business.  Make sure your relationships and communication skills are effective in your business.

Self-employment means managing your business and yourself, almost as one. You are your brand that people see and meet.  You need to have influence and insight which you can develop from using helpful tools, tips and techniques to grow and develop your business, skills and opportunities.  With NLP for sales, marketing options, leadership qualities, managing people with emotional intelligence your Personal Development impacts your business.

Professional Development is just as important as part of your personal development for home and family or career and business.  You are one whole person, so what helps in one area of your life will also impact another.  Your career is a huge part of you and your life so make sure it’s the right one, in the right industry, with the right values that you can live and work with.


Live your Life on Purpose – with Purpose

For a better personal future and a lifetime of benefits





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