Visions on display or hidden away …

Here are the next few posts on my social media to help people like you build their vision board – with tips, techniques, ideas and tools to create a life you love to live!

Vision boarding 2

  • Boards can be physical if you want to print out the memes and quotes, and pictures
  • A Canva grid for pictures if you like or a Word page to add pictures too (or Publisher, or PowerPoint screen)
  • Use titles for the words you want to add, find magazine pictures to tear out (more ‘real’ and fun than cutting them carefully!)
  • or take photos of them to add to your digital board!
  • If it’s a festival you want to attend, screen print FB posts on it, last years pictures
  • Record the ache to go in a journal piece – just shorten it to one phrase!


Vision boarding 3

  • Books can be scrap books to stick things in
  • a photo album
  • or a digital book on your phone, iPad or laptop!
  • It can be a journal that you add pictures to – stick them in or just slot between pages, or in a pocket back and front!
  • Add in your daily goals and actions – see Clear Mind’s pad picture to ‘write on’ digitally and use!


Vision Boarding 4

  • Boxes of inspiration!
  • Find your motivation – then add relevant pictures, quotes and phrases or tips to your box
  • Add in some notes – post its or action points (see my daily goal/action pad picture to use!)
  • Put in mini items like keyring ornaments, models and small items
  • Add in cards that mean or say something, postcard prints
  • Materials like ribbons, ties or belts, small items of clothing like glove
  • Jewellery items or colours on papers, card, materials!

Words and language CAN restrict your beliefs and dreams – if there isn’t a word already, then make one up!  Similarly, expectations and beliefs, concepts already ‘thought of’ can limit your ideas having already been ‘done’ – so just let your imagination flow and your ideas, your choices, your hopes and dreams and timescales!

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