Five steps to Health & Happiness

Looking at the Five Steps to Mental Health & Wellbeing I’d like to explain it in more depth here.






How can you make this happen in your life?

Hard work?

Not really!

Simple, everyday activities meet these criteria for your health and happiness!


Some you are already doing, aren’t you?

If there are any missing then that is where to make positive changes now.

Connecting with family and friends, colleagues or customers, strangers you pass on the street or chat to in a café – it doesn’t matter.  Humans are made to need interaction, relationships, communication.   It’s part of your being, so you need to honour it and create it.  Overcome the barriers of shyness and anxiety about your ‘performance’ with people and connect.   On a deeper level – emotionally, mentally, socially even if that is at work.  Make a person-al connection with them, build rapport, build a relationship – no matter how brief or ‘insignificant’.

Eye contact, hand shakes, a friendly back slap or hug are all ways of connecting too meaningfully.

Learning – reading this is learning!   A new perspective, stimulating thoughts and hopes, highlighting something different you can do, or thinking about something more deeply perhaps.   It’s all learning.   Understanding comes later with experience and repetitiveness but you do learn something new every day!  Sometimes, it’s what not to do as well as what you could or should do.

Sharing is giving – sharing knowledge, helpful tips, time and space to chat and relate, sharing an experience with someone else or offering a helping hand to do something they can’t do alone – or would be more fun together!

Staying active.  This can be physically active with sport and exercise, running after the kids, walking to work, chores at home, carrying boxes in your job and more.  Moving is part of your health and well-being – it uses muscles and energy but also brain power too.   Navigating obstacles, deciding on routes and destination, knowing the reason why.  Your unconscious brain keeps your heart beating and your feet walking, and all the other things including riding a bike!

Awareness and being mindful of what you are doing and why, who with and how they are feeling/behaving, where you are and your environment from heat, location, comfort for you – and others.


Events in your company

We are holding an event soon at #RBS MCR with tips & tools to support employees with a collaboration of coaching, social activity & holistic therapy options to help teams better understand & manage personal stressors impacting them. Could this be an opportunity in your company?

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