Mind your Sleep Patterns

Do you wake up at 4.30- 5 am every morning?!

Do you hate that you can’t let yourself sleep again because it’s so close to you rising time anyway and afraid to over-sleep or your mind won’t rest and let you go back to sleep, tossing thoughts through your mind all the time?!

Me too!   I get bouts of this and it’s often when my most creative business ideas come to me – you too I bet!
Although if it doesn’t seem creative to you and just your problems mulling over – look closer and see if there are ideas for solutions there instead (albeit sometimes not practical you think or not willing to go there)!

Sleep is meant to allow your brain/mind time to process and embed what you have learned through the day.  All 20,000 pieces of information it took in every second – of course, most of that you weren’t aware of, but it happened anyway!  Gut instincts “someone’s looking at me” and glance around, a shiver when something happens “deja vu” or it doesn’t “feel” right to go along with something.   You’re quite right – they are/were looking at you, your mind has visited a similar scenario before in its quest for solutions and your instincts are there to protect you!

There are different parts to your sleep, did you know? Different processes that take place and different stages of sleep – theta wave therapy and EMDR treatments access your subconscious mind this way, stress threat response wakes you with ideas and unconscious threat response to noises or instinctive reactions!

Your mind is amazing!  It never really sleeps or stops 24/7!

Below is an article highlighting how and why your creativity rises and wakes you at this time.   Write it down –  pen and pad by your bed, or record snippets on your phone you use for your alarm wake up.

If you have worries or planning to do, write down the problems before going to bed (about 2 hours before) and put it in a drawer or briefcase for tomorrow, so that your mind knows that you have ‘acknowledged’ them and will work on them tomorrow (because you say that or think it fully – conscious mind to unconscious!)

Then, it will let you sleep the night away and pick up the thread tomorrow as planned!   It will take it as a plan and it will remind you of it by the time you reach the bathroom!

But keep acknowledging it and determine a time you will work on it – “hen I arrive at the office at 9 am”, “when I get the children out and have time to work on it at home”, or “on the train to my sisters”.   It doesn’t matter, it works!

Develop a pleasant, comfortable night time routine of writing your list, changing your clothes, warm drink and just a nibble for supper if you wish and easy activities right before going off to bed – browse a magazine, watch a fun movie or series you love, chat with family around you about their day and let everything go until tomorrow …

Your mind obeys your conscious orders; otherwise the unsconscious will take over and work so hard all during your sleep hours, and then wake you with ideas!   Manage your mind.  Make it work to your timetable.   This can happen not only with problems but life events like bereavements, marriages or changes in circumstances or location – it is looking forward at potential problems and finding answers and options before you get there!  Your mind aims to help and to please but it can run away with itself if you let it!  You do have mind control, and you might need to develop it more when you better understand how it works!


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