Processing the Brain

Our human brains separate us from plants and organisms and that is the computer analogy most common – programming by what is put in, to what comes out.  And it’s true.  The brain responds to what is put into it – that comes from our senses and our environment.  This is why it’s important that you manage your circumstances and environment (not just physical but emotional and psychological environment) well, and create the best situation for you to thrive in – not simply survive in.


The experiences you have through your senses, interpretation of past experiences and learning you have taken from it.  Your mind processes this information – millions of pieces of information every single second! and this can be direct and similar to other people’s perceptions and expectations, or very different because of the filters you have developed through living life, and the experiences and support/learning you have had…

… BRAIN FUNCTION – Processing information …


These are the behaviours, actions, words and messages from our beliefs and expectations, sharing our needs in order to get them met and fulfilled.  This could be people responding to our message, understanding who we are, wanting to be with us – part of our life, or not.  We change our behaviour in response to information we receive and interpret so we need to make sure this is ‘right’ for us, for the ‘right’ reasons – to benefit you, not others; to help you grow and improve; to increase your options and opportunities in future.

NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming – is the process by which we interpret the messages from the world and which influence our actions and choices day to day, year on year.  Only new insights will allow you make the necessary changes that are inherent in life – that mean that your needs change and the options you now have will change.  Things always improve and enhance with more information.

neuro  – nervous system sending messages from brain to bodily function

linguistic – the messages sent and received by the brain that influences the outcomes

programming – what you put in creates what comes out at the end of the processing!

So when you are born into poverty, abuse or pain that is all you know for the first few years of your life; if you are born into wealth, comfort and luxury, that is all you know.  But as you grow up and read, see and experience new people and lifestyles, you recognise there may be something different you can choose or fall into through the circumstances you create.

So instead of just identifying with your original childhood environment, and expect that ‘this is how my life is and will be’ you realise people around you – in similar situations to you – have made other choices, taken different paths or have found other opportunities.  And that means you can too.

This new ‘input’ changes your mind-set and beliefs, your expectations – and therefore your life.   You are no longer accepting of your current circumstances but that you can have and become something different.  This is the benefit of self-awareness and missing with different people who take you into different places physically or emotionally, with new ideas and other paths you

This is the point of Personal Development – to explore your potential, your options, new ideas, your ideas, and find what turns you on – what makes life worth living for you, what you can make a positive difference in and where you can use your natural strengths and tendencies for the greatest impact.   We want to belong, to influence, to matter and to be fulfilled.

Look for more, always.  Explore whatever comes your way.  Make the changes you deem necessary and make informed choices about your future.

You can choose how you live, where you live, what you do and don’t do – as long as you know why.

Recognise though that it might not be an easy option, or seem to be a realistic dream initially – but you can still strive to make the changes necessary to improve your situation, expand your options and learn more to ensure the right choice and decisions are made that take you where you want to go – once you know what is out there to try for, to strive for – to create for yourself!

Live your dreams …