PREPARE to succeed

What does it mean to prepare to succeed?  Take a look here.

Prepare your plan ahead of time – don’t wait for things to happen to/for you.  Take the reigns!

Recognise what it is you want from your career and take steps to work towards it daily

Expect problems so you are ready to manage them – envisage solutions just in case …

People are the key – they change minds and behaviours, targets and goals – stay steady on course!

Awareness of your Self, other people, your options in a given situation and opportunities to grow

Review you progress regularly – supervision, goals you’ve set, steps you planned to take

Exceed expectations – under promise, over deliver – then no-one is disappointed! But Excel too…

It may sound boring when coaches continue to talk about goal setting – but, you know what, it DOES happen when you do!   Coaches have already experienced the power to the mind, the power to setting goals for your (unconscious) mind to strive for!  That’s what it does, that’s what our life focus is about!

Every Psychologist expresses human intention to learn and grow, to be better than they were yesterday, last year or last century!   That is why we are where we are – our mind’s sole function is to work hard for us (mind, body and soul) to become the best it can be – to explore your potential – your options, ideas, talents, tendencies and opportunities – and use the to achieve that potential!  To be greater than you are now, today!

If you’ve ever wondered: “Why are we here?” the answer is …I don’t know, but I do know people and I do now the mind and it’s objective is to safeguard the ‘person’,  to manage ideas and option, to create opportunities, and to push us forward to our dreams!

“Dreams? Not really!” But we do have dreams!   We all do, even if you aren’t aware (consciously) of yours, they are there!   I know!   You would know if you only looked hard and deep enough!

So what is your dream?  Maybe more than one – in different areas of your life, your Self.

If you didn’t have goals you wouldn’t move, or take any action – just lie there, and breathe … (that’s an unconscious goal too – to stay alive, that your mind takes over for you!)

Your holiday, day off, wedding or divorce, your freedom to move jobs or have more responsibility to challenge yourself (see – explore potential is challenge, exceed it and set further challenges (goals) to achieve your FULL potential!

Self-actualisation is Maslow’s word for it – complete fulfilment, using all your knowledge, experience, skills, talents and tendencies to the best advantage, to the greatest impact and influence in your life – for you!   And, hopefully, for society – the world.   We are social beings, we aim to help in the main but sometimes people fall off the path – they don’t achieve or strive (fear, guilt, lack motivation or purpose -uncertainty), or become selfish and step on people for their own benefit alone.   That just delays the process, makes it harder work and causes problems for some, if not all but the majority for sure!

Work together – work to purpose, work to clear goals that you share with your family, friends, colleagues, company, community, society!

Know your Self well in order to make the most of who you are and what you gain along the way of life

  • natural tendencies give you unique opportunities to find tools you can use – and share
  • skills & qualifications you develop to fit into the career you want to develop – tools
  • personal experience you can use in the future you’re aiming for, and expand every day
  • talents you can understand and find ways to express and use them well – techniques
  • hunger and purpose that drives you forward to who and what you want to become
  • belonging in a niche, a team, a family, a social group – we thrive together, learn together
  • gain status we want – that just shows us we are ‘making it’, on the right track, progressing
  • fulfilment – purposeful, value and useful to people at home, work, socially