Goal Seeking Questions

Some questions to ask yourself whilst struggling to achieve your goals, identify them or just give it a go and try for them!

What do I need to START doing in order to move forward and achieve my goals?





Perhaps you need to

  • Make a plan on what you want to achieve – where you want to be and when, why?
  • Dig deeper into the details of your overall plan – like finances, customers, locations
  • Seek advice or get some support for your idea and goals – people who will encourage you
  • Smarten up – image, attitude, knowledge, skills, efficiency maybe
  • Ask someone else to over your plan and ideas – feedback is always helpful (not advice or solutions!)


What do I need to STOP doing so that I can actually achieve my goals?

Hand up in defence

  • Procrastinating about what I can’t yet do – but just start doing something
  • Living in the past and looping back on negative events, people, self doubt and mistakes
  • Having regrets – maybe but the future is yours to claim!
  • Blaming others – we all make decisions and choices with consequences. Use it, Learn it. Act on it!
  • Putting myself down for getting things wrong, upsetting someone, not doing something again etc etc


What do I need to do LESS of and so use my time more wisely doing perhaps?

TIme for reflection Stuart Miles

  • Watching TV – just less of it, starting later maybe and bed earlier could be a start!
  • Eating junk food – just change one meal a week or a day to start with …
  • Putting everyone else’s needs ahead of my own – learn to say No, I can’t without apology. Give those monkeys back to the people who offloaded them if necessary too!


What do I need to do MORE of so that I can achieve my goals and increase my chances of success?

Head cogs

  • Networking for business development – let people know who you are and what you do
  • Socialising – it isn’t all costly and push your boundaries by meeting new people
  • Planning properly and taking the time to think it through, get help and support, new perspectives
  • Taking action!  Always a good one to get you where you want to be faster!   Think, design, plan, organise and then take each necessary step – one a day is all it takes – to get you to your goal – and beyond!