Reflect and Direct

TIme for reflection Stuart MilesCounselling v Coaching ….

Again, the confusion that these are the same, even by some clientele!   They are vastly different.   Counselling helps you resolve emotional issues, coaching helps you resolve practical and/or action issues.

Although both offer the opportunity to be heard and seen, understood and supported, they are a totally different focus.

Counselling focuses on feelings rather than goals.  It’s aim is for the client to reflect on what is going on for them, recognise their options in resolving the turmoil and pain, and understanding the options open to them so they can make a choice to respond differently – or the same.

Coaching is always about moving forward practically, always about taking developmental steps towards that goal, that dream life the client wants and needs, often!    Coaching is an ‘active’ rather than more passive listening and reflecting as it requires action steps to be taken.

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However, both are unique to the individual – consider their needs, their outlook, attitude, options, view of the world, current limitations but aim for increased awareness of their options and opportunities in life.


Coaching starts here and gets the client there to the future they want and are aiming for!

Counselling starts here and goes backward to see how it started, what ‘it’ is and how it is impacting on the present, before it can go forward to the future.

Benefits of each

The benefits for clients of counselling are:

  •  To be heard – using their words
  • To be seen – acknowledging their behaviours
  • To be understood by the counsellor – behaviours, words, actions, responses are all ‘analysed’
  • To understand – reflection back from the counsellor to client offers those insights rarely seen before
  • To decide – once the information is to hand at last, the client has choices to make for themselves on how to feel better than when they first came and how they will manage their situation in future
  • Once the process is complete – the start, the middle and the ending for now at least, the client goes away to live their life however they choose, hopefully with new insights and information to make better, informed and effective choices for their own well-being

Although not passive, they are not action step oriented but awareness oriented

The benefits of coaching are:

  •  To develop ideas through discussion – inspirational
  • To clarify exactly what it is they want and where they want to get to
  • To Identify strengths and areas for development
  • To Identify resources in hand or to be developed e.g. money, time, skills, talents, opportunities
  • To plan steps to get to where they want e.g. skills, qualifications, awareness, understanding
  • Progress monitoring
  • Encouragement and motivation
  • Once the process is complete – the start, action and outcome – the coachee goes away and consistently continues to grow and develop, set new goals and be proactive

These are active – action step oriented toward their goal(s)

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