30 Day Challenge to your Career!

Clear Mind Personal Development Coaching

I think it’s time for a new 30 day challenge!

Let’s set about this and see what new habits and personal growth we can generate from it.. What about it? Are you Ready?

Habits, as I’ve said before, can be changed in 30 days. Just one month of consciously changing behaviours and actions daily, or your thoughts to change your mind-set and beliefs, or even your feelings about something or someone!   Change one you change them all!

I will post an exercise each week to help you focus, starting on Monday.

Week 1: Decide what you want to change in your career – improve, enhance, remove or re-train – it is your goal!

Week 2: Think about it and note why it needs to change for you

Week 3: How will that change benefit you?

Week 4: How has the change changed you? What is better, different, learned perhaps?

Monitor your progress week by week using the template provided in week one.

Consider the impact, now and in future.