Positive Communication

Some good thought-provoking (and relationship saving!) tips from The Emotion Machine – when you need to say something uncomfortable for the benefit of another person (yes, really).

But it can also be that you need to set your boundaries with them too maybe!

message in handIt’s not what you say but how you say it.  Something I still at times struggle with but it’s never too late to learn and always more space for timely reminders like this!

Here are 9 key tips on how to be honest with someone:

  • Look at the situation from their perspective before you do anything.
  • Ask yourself if this is something that really needs to be said. Are you telling them anything they don’t know or haven’t acknowledged?Calendar digitalart
  • Choose your words carefully – say it to yourself before you say it out-loud. How does it sound?
  • Don’t insult, blame, exaggerate, or be judgmental. Use a calm and respectful tone while describing the problem.
  • Do it in private. You don’t want the person to feel like they are being pressured by a bunch of people all at once.
  • Always offer a solution. Don’t just state a problem if you don’t have some good advice to go with it.

speak out

  • Admit you could be wrong. This is just your opinion, the person doesn’t have to agree with you.
  • Let it go if you notice the person is responding negatively toward it. Don’t persist if they aren’t interested in talking about it.
  • Go back to being a good friend again. Don’t make it awkward.