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ADHD Traits of Entrepreneurs

I have suspected for a while - from my own curiosity, wondering what makes an 'entrepreneurial' character - that ADHD or ADD is part of the mix other than the lists provided.  What do they have that I don’t?  (Or maybe I don’t utilise it if I have it?).  So

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Who are you? What’s on offer?

Self awareness is key to being happy so knowing who you are and what you can offer in the world is important to you and other people around you. Not just in business - but know your brand, create it, and share it (marketing yourself, selling your skills and talents).

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Workplace Bullying – ask yourself ‘why’?

Getting the word out about workplace bullying (or any other) isn’t necessary. It’s stopping it happening that‘s required, even when companies have an ‘an anti-bullying policy’ that some people suggest referring to.  Bullying is too often seen as a management tool to maintain the power balance and sadly, boost some

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