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Employee Wellbeing Opportunity for you

EMPLOYEE SUPPORT & DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY is collaborative working.  Win-Win is always good to aim for and certainly achieve! A few of us have got together to create this offer for you - coming into your work place to initially offer a free taster of our services and the benefits, with

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What is Life Coaching anyway?

What is life Coaching showing what Life Coaching is and how it works, helps and how to harness it to enhance your life. A PDF document to demonstrate our journey through life, using the ‘You can’t see the wood for the tree’s’  metaphor for it’s basis.  I enjoyed creating this, choosing the

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Men and Health

Clear Mind Personal Development Coaching

Physical health means mental health - illness is stressful, draining, exhausting, depressing! Over-eating, drinking too much alcohol, lack of exercise Too many competing demands, unrealistic expectations Image and confidence at home or workplace These are the key points men - and women - take away each day of their lives,

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Why are men more prone to suicide?

It is widely believed because 'they don't talk and share' like women do. Is that true though?  Yes, often it is.  But why not?  Because men are logical and practical and they are 'supposed' to be 'capable' and 'able' to manage 'anything'! So many inverted commas! Because they are human

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Men’s health and happiness – June 2018

Posted originally on August 4, 2011 12th March 2011 Men’s health, happiness and well-being http://uk.askmen.com/ This is the Ask Men website – I just discovered this today by accident, and found it might be useful to some people (yes, women too, if it helps them understand each other).   It is a ‘magazine’ site

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