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Sales Acquisitions

Re the workshop currently available in 2018, here are some top tips about sales and there are marketing posts available too.  Together, they bring in the sales. Marketing - people have to know you exist and who you are/what you offer;  then you can sell to them when they indicate

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Using the right language

Posted on November 6, 2012  A 'word cloud' becoming popular on the internet Americanisms and Brisishisms by Owl Marketing ….Sept 2012 If you like words, as I do and the Owl ladies do, then this might interest you. The right word for the right meaning is so important too, for general communication

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Another 5 thoughts for happiness ….

1. Buy things with cash wherever possible.   Live within your means, don’t rely on others for money or time, or help.  If they give you their time or offer their help (and it will help!) then take it willingly.  But don’t take their money. 2. Maintain your car, home, and

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Relations with Family

Family time over Christmas was (a) Great (b) Good (c ) OK (d) Survivable (e) Awful (f) Disasterous How is it now, in January? Everyone has gone back home and we won't meet again until next Christmas! Phew! Everyone is back in their homes but we are no longer speaking

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