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5 thoughts for happiness ….

Here are  five thoughts for happiness that I believe can help - and they can make you think too. Decide which apply to you, what you can change and what you can enhance of these in your life right now, today! 1. Take it slow and add up all your

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Moving you to where you want to be …

Life Coaching  ....     ...is a proactive, progressive technique to move you forward to where you want to be (Career, Business too) Inspiration with ideas and perspectives ... Talking through ideas ... Identifying barriers ... Developing your resources ... Looking at options ... Preparing to take opportunities ... Creating new opportunities ... Creativity

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The illusion of control …

Posted on January 22, 2014 Based on an article by Alex at The Liberated Way Alex says systems will fail because people try to control them – it depends on what you call ‘control’.  Yes some people do try to control people, processes, communities and society for their own ends, to fulfil

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