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Coaching is and it isn’t …

This 'disparaging and in-encouraging' article by Tim Dowling in the Guardian is why coaching is misunderstood.  Although it was written in 3006 - and perhaps he has learned more since then about the benefits and impact of coaching and what it really is (not counselling - UPR relates to person

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Aiming for rejections? Not successes?

That sounds counter-intuitive, especially to a coach, but yet, it makes sense!  Why?  Because I often quote Thomas Edison's 700-8000 'failures'(who knows the real number?)  quoted in a newspaper of the time when innovating the light bulb (everyone has now got more than one!) and he said that he didn’t

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Momentum Meetings for Business

This is not a new idea but a re-packaged one - motivation is the drive to moving forward, momentum is the amount of forward movement achieved and measured.   Different coaches will work in different ways and provide various outcomes for people - personal, professional change, insights and understanding, choice and

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