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Dreaming is inspiring!

I was out networking the other night and met several new people there.   As is my aim right now, I said I was on a mission to get people living their dreams - and some people told me they were living theirs!  How fantastic is that?  Actually living the life

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How to …. Network Well

  How to Network Well takes time, effort, planning and preparation - strategic business thinking about who you want to meet and why, who might have contacts you need as potential customers or service providers!   Networking is a two way communication and win-win objective for every attendee! Networking is not

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A CASE STUDY: Empowering myself!

Coaching Case studies can help you to better understand how it works and how it helps you to become who and what you really want to become - sooner than you think! Handing back the monkeys to their rightful owners, this person had been held back by expectations of others, taken

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