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AIM High! No Bull?!

I resisted the idea of adding the second half of the word but it's not me (at least in writing where it's indelible!)  But the bull has other significance for me being a Taurean! But I want to share with you where AIM High! came from, prior the motivational talk

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What motivates YOU?

Motivation Theory and YOU ... Do you know what motivates you? Motivation theory suggests there are simple motivations - one way or the other. Pleasure-Pain theory Intrinsic -Extrinsic motivations Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs These are just a few key theories that might help you - should you need to -

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The Ripple Effect

When we touch water we set off a ripple effect.  Not just us, but anything that touches water or liquid, enters it or skims across the surface. Whatever we touch we make an impact.   Even our thoughts create ripples in the atoms around us, sending them off into the universe

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Minimal Wealth

The richest person isn’t the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least.  Wealth is a mind-set.  Want less and appreciate more today. (via Marc & Angel inspirational quotes and mantras)  This is something I discovered since travelling, probably whilst travelling; I had already planned to have a minimalist

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Evolving Business…

Like you, your business will evolve.  My business will evolve (is evolving right now in fact!) Nothing stays the same, change is the only constant.  We hear this sort of thing regularly on the internet and it’s true. WE change, YOU change, THEY change.  And your business changes – it’s

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