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When helping hurts

When helping hurts - maybe it just doesn't meet their real needs .... A recent article really resonated with several points in particular and gave me what I always enjoy - a new perspective!  It was about the well-intentioned but negative impressions we give on our journey through life to

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Live the Life you want to Live!

This has become my new business strap line!  More by accident than design, because the original one still stand relevant today "For a better personal future" and developed into "...and a lifetime of benefits" when I realised that is what coaching offers you! Spread your wings and fly! My own photo

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When your career train derails…

NOW I'm back on track! Change, growth, personal & professional development are not quick, overnight outcomes!  They are ongoing, with short or long term achievements part of that step by manageable step approach to coaching that I take for me and my clients.   I'm a Taurean,  strong, independent and resilient!

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