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All Change!

Well, as you can see I am changing my branding.   This may still be in development but it's coming together again. Why the change?  A new direction and more focus on coaching now as that is where my heart lies. Why this colour? Since my return to the UK after

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Manchester Movement

Just to let you know the details of my move in to Manchester, as well as outside areas I can cover too. From Monday, 1st August 2016 I will be available 11.30-2.30 pm at: The Remedy Lounge, 3rd Floor, Milton Halls, 244 Deansgate M3 4EN (map) There is a reception

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Olympian Efforts…

So have you been making Olympic efforts in your life this year? I hope so! Although you may not think you have, perhaps you have done more than you believe... even the athletes have to do slow and steady to win the race!   Like the tortoise and the hare fable,

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Reflect and Direct

Counselling v Coaching .... Again, the confusion that these are the same, even by some clientele!   They are vastly different.   Counselling helps you resolve emotional issues, coaching helps you resolve practical and/or action issues. Although both offer the opportunity to be heard and seen, understood and supported, they are a

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