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Sharing Support!

Being a Life Coach, I offer support to my clients, and any other people who want it too - relatives, friends, acquaintances, someone who is just struggling that I come across and I might be able to help. That's just human nature at it's best.    And sometimes that support is

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New Settlement

Well, I have arrived back in the UK now - struggling with the word 'home' - arriving two weeks ago today. Looking out it's pouring with rain, everywhere seems grey as when I left, and although my first 5-6 days were sunny and warm, that has now returned to 'normal'

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Back ‘home’

Well, I'm back in the UK!  Not 'home' as such as I want to move from the area I left amd lived in most of my life.   I'd outgrown it professionalyly and maybe personally too, before I left, hence selling my house, which prompted - or allowed for -

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