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Managing change needs help!

Have you ever been involved in changes that impact on you - but don't involve you? I have too!  And it isn’t pleasant, comfortable or reassuring is it?  One manager at the time told me I was 'not good with change'.  Well, I am!  I, like everyone else, find changes all through my life, work and personally!  It is something I embrace and always have - I like variety, growth

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Coaching Young People

Coaching young people can offer particular benefits for 'life planning' without taking it too seriously and retaining flexibility for fun and experiences.  Gaining self-awareness so that they can make informed choices and effective decisions - ready to take the right opportunities to meet their needs and live the life they expect and want to have - is also part of it from someone usually older and yes, wiser! In education, they are

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We don’t change, our experiences change…

Having been out of the UK and away from 'home' and my family for 10 months now, I have had time to make the changes in my life that I wanted - and needed - to make.  Although I wasnt sure or clear about what needed to change, I knew change was necessary for me to grow again.  A bit like the butterfly, which I got the chance to learn

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