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Customer care? Yes, we do!

Customer care: what does it mean for you? It could be as a customer or providing a service. but it needs to be good care!   are you an ogre? or a pleasantly helpful service provider? Our up to date data management...isn't reall that current!   As I travel I am aware of both. I know I am away from my client work, but I help if I can as I

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Open your mind

Travelling really does open your mind - your heart, soul, outlook and self-belief too. Try it. Not a long term, long haul trip like mine maybe (more to that than just seeing the world, but that was my goal and I am loving it!), but just the next town, another county or staye, another country. In Christchurch, the population lives every day with the threat of earhquakes, and reminders of

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