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Genuinely interested in rapport

I am just re reading, learning and reinforcing NLP again on my dowloaded book I have at home in hard copy. Having time when I travel by train to look out at the passing countryside and towns, to read, play games and think, its quite productive for me. Although I know what rapport is and techniques to build and maintain it, I haven't before recognised my own situation around  what

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Where in the world …

So an update on where I am in the world, and where the future takes me perhaps. As with life in general, some parts are planned - a general structure of direction and anticipation - but in between, random opportunities, on the go choices and decisions to make (where to go, what to try and when to move on for example, just like life!) Guess where I am? I have

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Back on Track!!

Oh joy! I have been without my website for more than four months thanks to hacking, and also the domain management changes that interrupted my emails online so lacked access to notice of updates!! I had it all arranged and ready for my travels but it fell down at the first week and has been hanging over me until I had time to sort it all via IT in Adelade,

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