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Being an Inspiration

I have just been chatting with a 23 yo Spaniard, sitting ine gardens where we are staying.  He came outbof the room next door and sat down too, somwe started chatting - as travellers do. He, like many younger travellers, like that I'm travelling too.  He was sorry for his

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The importance of structure

What do I mean but structure? Structuring your life, your plans, your values even? Structure gives you the necessary guidelines to work with to develop or create plans - action plans that help you achieve your goal.  Goals also need some structure - they don't appear out of thin air

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Meeting people

How do you feel meeting new people?  Daunted, self coscious or comfortable and curious? Like most of us  probably a little of both sides.    Travelling, which is my current focus, means you have to do this with every country, various cultures and individuals positively or negatively. I have communicated

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