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Taking control …

Taking control of someone - what does that mean?  Who controls and how does it happen? How does one person ‘control’ another?  Well, think about it – it’s about power, when one person wants and gains power over another and ‘makes’ them do their bidding. Can someone ‘make’ you do

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Couples Counselling

Why do couples need relationship counselling? It is quite popular now, and it's probably because a third, independent perspective can really help, in any relationship.  Sometimes people get so enmeshed in the details they can no longer see the bigger picture - where it's going, what's changed and when, and

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Achieving your goal feels great!

Doesn't it? I've achieved goals of all sorts and sizes, and they feel good when you get there.  I'm sure you have too.  (And if you don't think so, think back harder, because you have!) I have achieved a short term goal of 5 months ready for my travels and

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Rapport Building

Rapport.    A word bandied around that at least some people don't understand, although it is becoming more common.     Bonding might be a twist on it, building trust, finding commonalities and liking someone who is more like you are. Rapport is not only verbal though, it is behavioural and

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