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Time Management – at Home

Part of my de-cluttering exercise maybe, but sorting the house out will mean I have space and more time to do things I need to.  Not only do things get done, you feel more motivated but there are additional benefits too … I do like routines and they do, in

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Sharing Experiences

This has two sides to the coin - sharing 'an experience' (event, moment, period in time or incident)  doesn't mean you share 'the experience' - the subjective, personal feelings, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and expectations that whoever else was involved might feel too.    It is all yours!  A unique, individual

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De-cluttering feels great!

Taking the weight of wondering if something is still there, moving it around the house from a safe place to another, moving things around to find things you want or need  … all of this is frustrating and time consuming. De-cluttering my computer today with 11.5 items cleared me space

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