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NLP changes your mind!

NLP - neuro linguistic programming - is what makes us tick.  All of us.  Each of us differently, even uniquely maybe, but the link between mind and body  - thoughts, feelings, behaviours - is what makes things happen or stops us in our tracks! The basis of coaching, I am

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Organising your Life

How do you organise your life?  Or maybe you don't and just 'let it happen'? Well, if that's the case you may well end up somewhere you didn't want to be.   I did once over, until I discovered the power of me through coaching.  It really does work (law

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Why is talking so hard for us?

Why is it when there is something (important( to say many people struggle to say it out loud - or otherwise. Humans have the unique advantage over all other animals in 'speaking their minds' but they rarely do.  If people do then sometimes they are critisised for it, cold-shouldered or

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Travel Plan Update

So where are my travel plans up to, having achieved my goal of travelling the world?  Well, not yet achieved but definitely in progress! Steps yet to be taken, but many steps and decisions made already to get me here.   A year of real planning to date, two years

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Time keeps ticking …

Time!  Time is something I have always had to manage for as long as I can remember.  At work and at home: As a secretary to several managers - keeping diaries, scheduling meetings, managing visitors, co-ordinating workloads and deadlines Admin and service management - staff hours, sickness absences, ordering and

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