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Boredom in Retirement?

Some people fear the expected boredom of retiring!   If they have been full on working long hours, structured routines and comfort zones of knowledge and security, this change is not unwelcome but often unnerving. Others, though, look forward to time to do the things they've always wanted to -

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Habits & Rituals

How do you use habits and rituals in your life?  Not OCD type of rituals, but those little routines you repeat often or daily. You say you don’t ‘use’ them?  They just happen? No, they don’t.  They are a process like most developments and changes, and part of the pain

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Work Life Balance for Carers

Yes it is - or can be. Although when people are carers, with responsibility for others work has to take second place at times. With children or older family members to consider, even with pets and with your partner maybe, you have to stop and think about their needs as

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