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Stand Tall!

Some ‘act as if’ tips that help boost your confidence, learn confidence and improve your self-esteem – especially as a tall woman! Career Bliss article - tall women in the workplace Use what you have (I call it Fly your own Flag) to full advantage all the time – height

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Stress Management Skills

Stress! An awful word sometimes (but sometimes it points to motivation and drive!) it has come up a lot this week for me.   Yes, even a little stress for me too!  I am not immune, but I am very aware and have techniques to manage it...   A relative

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Teacher’s Suicide over Bullying

Teacher's suicide over bullying How sad this case is, but sadly the impact of bullying at work or school, or even home, is too much to bear for many people.    It's more common than people believe and schools are common areas for this; not just students either... Talking helps,

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Not taking holidays? Why not?!

This is from the CIPD newsletter August 2013: One third of workers are not taking their full holiday entitlement!    Picture by David Costello Dominici This is based on just 1000 people though, and this depends on what level, sector and maybe business type for example. This just leads to

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