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Depression is not suicide!

Regarding the recent references made to the pilot who brought down an aircraft, killing all 150 on board in a suspected suicide action, he was more than depressed I would guess! Depression is about feeling isolated, misunderstood, inadequate and unhappy.   Not about feeling suicidal or murderous.  There was much

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Timing is everything!

Yes it is!   You can plan, organise and co-ordinate your project or you life - but if something knocks the timing out it can throw it all of course!   Or bring it about too quickly for comfort maybe. My favourite saying has been "Failing to prepare is preparing

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I needed my own Clear Mind this week!

Yes, even me!  Although I am 'Clear Mind' my head just hasn't been really clear and comfortable this week with decisions to be made, problems to manage and helping family house moves and holidays too! I had a 'wobble' at M62 Networking on Thursday, but  a great help by  business coach

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