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Don’t lose valuable employees!

Employees are not replaceable ... “Business leaders who adopt the attitude that anyone is replaceable, thinking they can simply hire someone with a greater skill-set or someone with a more prestigious pedigree, are fooling themselves. When a company has a truly great employee, that employee carries value that simply cannot

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Good Relationships …

So what is a ‘good’ relationship? It is a healthy, happy, fulfilling and stimulating relationship with another person for mutual benefits. “Any” relationships is not a good enough one really, is it?  Even to stave off loneliness?  It’s a sign of low self esteem on your part, or their part

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Some Symptoms of Depression

Some people might not realise they feel depressed, or someone close to them may be.   If you do think so, try to find some help, advice and support for both you and them. Ask for professional help when your depression is moderate.  Even mention it when it’s mild or explain

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What motivates you?

Motivation is the drive to act or make changes, which counselling and coaching have in common.   Both clientele aim to make changes that create peace and contentment versus confusion and conflict within themselves (physically and emotionally, as well as cognitively (mind).  Some theories I thought you might be interested to

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