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Sharing Information or Gossip?

Indeed unless you can and will say it to their face, it isn’t good practice in building healthily relationships which require trust.  If you talk about one person, you may well talk about those to whom you are sharing the latest info! But then, if it is information and not

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Set Some New Boundaries for 2015!

Have you been saying “yes I can” too often lately, and that it impinges on your health, time, energy, purse, fun and space perhaps? Are you emotionally drained, unable to say no because of fear (of losing someone) or can’t face the conflict and drama that is likely to ensue?

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Tips for single parent stress!

5 Things single parents can do to help manage their stressful lives A useful article that I too can identify with. I so think this is true with mine now 18 and 23.  The boundaries might seem less important in the then and there ...but really show the benefits in

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