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Christmas Games

Do you play games over Christmas, something you don't do all the rest of the year like we do?  Something of a tradition, games as a family with close friends or bringing strangers together for a treat can mean either trouble or fun! Fun and silly games that invite laughter,

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Coaching for Christmas!

Yes, this is how coaching can help on a small scale project plan too! Set your goal Make a plan Take one step at a time Monitor progress Change your plan or update the changes already made Celebrate acknowledge your achievement Reward yourself! Your goal is to be prepared by

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Time Management Tips

Time Managment = Productivity Say no Don’t take people’s monkeys from them and add to your back (“No monkey business!” My Assertiveness and Boundary Workshop, Business Balls) Ensure boundaries in place – what is YOUR role and responsibility? Just do that! People will keep taking from you what you offer!

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