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Planning Forward too

Here is a template you can use to plan your goals for 2015. I have included the life areas that you might want to work on which is a starting point Then giving you six goals to set, one for each life area I've shown SMART explained so that you can make them precise Make them concise but short enough to repeat to yourself daily - aloud! Create a picture around

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Planning forward

At this time of year, yes we plan ahead for the new year.  But what about next Christmas?!   I have a system now of when I buy my new diary for the coming year of adding in not only the usual birthdays, and now in business networking events and specific special days, but also what went well and what didn't. Don't mistake my diary for a journal, where I

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Positive Communication

Some good thought-provoking (and relationship saving!) tips from The Emotion Machine – when you need to say something uncomfortable for the benefit of another person (yes, really). But it can also be that you need to set your boundaries with them too maybe! It’s not what you say but how you say it.  Something I still at times struggle with but it’s never too late to learn and always more

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