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Learning & Teaching

If the student hasn't learned, then the teacher hasn't taught This is a great point!   Something I am strong on, and that as a coach I help people to understand, and utilise that knowledge to build better relationships so this article I read resonated with me at the time, and again

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This is one of the things again that has come up for me in my everyday life but often affects a lot of us, if not everyone at one time or another so it can help to get some insight. People's attitudes to us and those around us affect our

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An Optimistic Outlook

Optimism is always expecting the best of people and situations, always looking on the bright side, always seeing  the best in people and events. But is it always healthy? It can affect you in unexpected ways if you don't look out for pitfalls, are always disappointed by people and events,

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Early Morning Active!

I like my lie-ins again as I get older, after children and little chance I do enjoy that treat. Yesterday I was up unusually early at 5! Its a while since I did that but I was awake and motivated! I got up to see off my daughter and her boyfriend

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How Pessimism can help you

Pessimism - what does that mean?  Always doom and gloom, always looking for bad things about to happen, always bringing down the mood? This is something that was very important to me - being labelled pessimistic when I knew in side that I wasn't!  I was positive, open minded and

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The right praise

"I didn’t grow up in a rough. I grew up being told, almost every day, that I was special.  I grew up with lots of love from my family.    I got a good education and good grades.   I got lots of feedback that I was intelligent, talented and could do

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