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Professional or Effective – a choice?

What is business coaching? From the Coaching Directory What coaches don’t tell you – they are not all accredited to one, controlling body... So what? It is an emerging professional service in the UK having been around US for many years. Why does every profession need government overseeing?  They are

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PTSD response to Narcissistic Abuse

I haven’t heard it called this before, but it makes sense from my experience with clients of the abuse circumstances. The abusive partner is Narcissistic – they only think of themselves and their own needs, cannot see the needs of others or the relationship with others – just how they

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Happiness shows!

So why do my clients often turn up looking great all of a sudden? When they do, I know the breakthrough has come for them.  They feel great after their struggles, they are happier and feel more able to focus outwardly and engage - so they make time for themselves.

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