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My 9 years Anniversary

15th October 2014  I have been in business now for 9 years, building it up from nothing -with no extra money behind me like redundancy, and a bit of help from family with practicalities. It can be done if you have the passion, and therefore the will and flexibility you

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Business Schedules

Tips for managing and improving your business schedules - whether doing business, working in and on your business, social media posts, or appointments for clients or other things you want or need to do! Time is a limited resource for us all - we all know we have just 24

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Recognising change

How do you recognise change? In you... In others... We tend to see changes after an absence as it is usually gradual - so if you haven't seen an old friend or relative for a while, you notice 'differences' in how they look and behave.   In ourselves, or those

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