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Motivation tips

Motivation comes from: Having to/needing to act!   Like the mother of invention is need – so is the motivation force!  A clear goal where you can see benefits for yourself once completed  A fair timescale – not too long you lose interest or too short you set yourself up to

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A clear mind is a happy mind!

De-cluttering isn’t just for wardrobes you know!  It can be your life, your mind, your options and opportunities too! How? Choice overwhelms me  or used to at least!   I recognised this when I was hurrying on a Saturday morning for a school shirt for my daughter.  Bearing in mind it

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Why do people return to abuse?

This (Ray Rice abuse incident in the USA sparked discussions on abuse and why people stay) dropped in to my e-mail today via Project Eve and it struck a chord on a current topic here in the UK too US statistics on domestic violence include 1/5 men have abused partners, 1200 deaths

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Only 18 months left …

What would you do with your time, your life, your dreams if you found you only had 18 months left to live? It made me think about this for myself when I met two ladies at the Dr Kerhshaw's Hospice (@KershawsHospice) in my home town of Oldham, Greater Manchester last Friday at

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