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Divorce Support

Sorting your life out after a split or during is horrible!   Not only your life but your family too - children, your partner one way or another, your parents and siblings who care or interfere!   Your work balance - concentration, sharing with colleagues and your boss if things

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Judging people: Working Mums

The government, psychologists, employers, fathers, other mums and youngsters themselves – they all have a comment, a view, a feeling about what’s right –for them! What about you, mum?  What do you really want and need to do? For you For your children For your wider family And for society

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Enquiry for this week 

Take a step nearer to self-awareness, personal power and your happy, fulfilling life!  What have I learned this week about me? your tendencies, preferences, communications, interactions, irritations, pleasures, skills etc)     What did I learn about other people this week?         How can any of this help

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