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G O O O A L L L ! ! ! !

Like it or loathe it, football has taken over the UK (and probably the rest of the world too!) this last week and the next few too.  So what has it meant for you - the World Cup 2014?  Making goals happen... Having the right team around you ... Finding

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Older people want to work!

CIPD article on government's aim to get older people back in to work   “Simply retaining older workers will not be enough to capture the talent and skills employers will need for sustained economic success,” Worman said. “Employers will also have to develop more age-inclusive recruitment practices and do more to extend working

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The stage is now set …

For my next stage of planning my travels in 2014 (maybe 2015 now but still ‘this year’!) I have set the stage by letting people know my plans, and starting the ball rolling with putting the house on the market! Now it’s becoming really real, for me and the family

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